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How you can help the Club

The Ferrari Owners' Club of Hong Kong offers a wide range of sponsorship events ranging from monthly breakfasts to F1 parties, overseas drives, charity initiatives and exclusive lifestyle events. Sponsorship can come in a variety of ways that will fit your marketing needs.

Our goal is to make the Club a platform where members can all enjoy the best that life has to offer. As you know, we organise a wide range of activities from breakfast gatherings to F1 lunches and dinners, overseas drives and many other exclusive and charitable events. As such the Club is a great platform which offers many opportunities for sponsorship, promotions and advertisement. It may be for your own business or a cause that may interest other members. It can also be something simple that can benefit members such as hotel discounts, VIP access, events, etc. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to the Club or know of people who have something to offer the Club in a meaningful way.

The Club's Executive Committee is open to consider contributions either of monetary nature or in kind.

Please click here if you would like to explore these opportunities

Ferrari Owners' Club of Hong Kong