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Joining the club

There are so many reasons to join our club. As a Ferrari owner, you know it is not for the faint-hearted. The fact is that Ferrari is unlike any other car out there.

You own much more than a car, you are owning a fine work of engineering, an art piece, a rich history and a perfectly tuned melody. Not many will appreciate your passion and love for this unique marque, and that is why our club is the perfect platform for you to truly share and enjoy your hobby.

What will you get out of the club? Well, in addition to meeting some really cool people who share your passion, you will also get to put your Prancing Horse to the test in our time-honoured Asia Drives, track days and driving clinics. In addition, we organize exclusive lifestyle events for members. And with our sponsors, our members enjoy perks and access to special deals.

So don’t wait and just sign up to fully take advantage of the Ferrari way of LIFE! Forza Ferrari!

To join, simply contact us at [email protected]